Friday, October 29, 2010

Realtors-where do you stand on providing showing feedback to listing agents?

I truly appreciate the local agents that take the time to provide feedback-it is very useful to my clients and myself. I know it can be time consuming when you have shown 20 houses and your inbox is flooded with feedback requests! For a different opinion, read this post from a San Antonio agent...


Brandi Wright/Wright Real Estate Brokerage said...

Don-I too always try to provide feedback and do greatly appreciate it when the favor is returned. I read the article and see the other agent's point of view, but I disagree. I think we are many times not doing our clients justice by not providing feedback. Many times a door is opened that otherwise would not have been opened by expressing a buyers objection to a property. Yes, we do need to be wise not to compromise our client negotiating position through the feedback we leave, but you can still provide honest feedback without doing this. Also, feedback is just one small opportunity to develop relationships with other agents, which I believe benefits the clients. Transactions tend to go much smoother when the agents have a good relationship, and this is something agents can have without compromising their duties to their clients. Thanks for sharing.

Matt Stigliano said...

Don - Thanks for the mention, even though we have differing opinions.

I don't mind feedback overall as everyone likes to hear what others think. It's human nature. Perhaps our experiences differ, but as I mentioned in the article, take a look at the breakdown of feedback - very little of it is actually useful. To me, the best feedback is an offer - that's how I know what the buyers think about the property.

Brandi - Right before I wrote the article I provided my last bit of feedback. What shocked me was the number of agents who revealed information about their clients - all of which I would have used in against them in negotiations if we had chosen to buy one of those properties. I do agree that we can build relationships with other agents and a good relationship can help a transaction go smoothly, but I also am a firm believer that when push comes to shove, I'm not here to be the agent's friend - my client comes first and if the agent doesn't "like" me because I'm pushing for my client, then I'll take the loss of the relationship in order to continue my duties and relationship with my client.

The whole idea of feedback is often debated, but I see few who actually do something about it. In my case, it was a decision I made after three years of thinking, reading, and researching the idea.

Thanks again Don!