Wednesday, August 05, 2009

$90 pizzas at the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium!,180810

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Anonymous said...

Nuts...absolutely nuts...$90.00 pizza ? Anyway, it's bad enough howhe hashandled thebuilding of this Stadium AND ALL THE REDICULOUS DESIGN OF THE TRAFFIC in the Jerrville City. I LOVE my Cowboys...has nothing to do with
them though. It's the Planning of this ordeal..I an dumbfounded in trying to find words to describe my Outrage at the way this Traffic has been designed throughout the construction since day one. He should have been more interested in his procedure of the building of this wondeful stadium and even MORE so in it's design causing the traffic nighmare. Mywife works at Arl. Memorial Hosp. and has to find a New way to get there and back almost daily.
Thankyou Don
Rusty Lee
p.s. We still haven't founda house after a year now. I keep ck'ing your website daily though; thankyou for sending it