Friday, May 08, 2009

Internet Traffic is Up for Real Estate Searches

Real estate websites see increased traffic, a site owned and operated by, allows you to track and compare website traffic. When you examine the statistics for several major real estate portals for the last 6 months, the numbers show that more people are visiting these sites. Specifically, if you compare the numbers for major real estate search sites such as, Trulia, & Zillow, there is a clear pattern in terms of web views.

The web visitor statistics hit bottom in November& December of 2008. They then began to increase in January. There was a dip during the middle of March followed by a major spike in activity for all three sites in April.

NAR statistics show that over 90 percent of all buyers today go online as part of their search process. This increase in the number of people searching on major real estate swebsites bodes well for more sales later this year.

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