Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Some Positive News!

Dallas-Fort Worth Dallas-Fort Worth Projected median sales prices for single-family homes:
Q1 2008: $151,930

Q4 2009: $161,690

Growth rate: 6.4 percent

The Metroplex, as locals call the Dallas-Fort Worth region, is smoking,adding jobs at twice the national rate. Better yet, those new jobs areconcentrated in well-paying fields like banking, advertising, and healthcare. Dallas-Fort Worth sits at the center of the Interstate 35 corridor, a"megapolitan" galaxy of urban development that Virginia Tech researchersestimate will add 6.4 million new people and 2.8 million units of housingover the next two decades. Dallas also serves as the North Americanheadquarters for international high-tech employers like Nokia and Ericsson.All of this makes Dallas one of the nation's nine most global metros -cities that are hubs for international trade and foreign investment -according to an analysis by Moody's Economy.com. Dallas has largely avoided the boom-and-bust cycle, which is one reasonthis market is on track to post the best returns on housing of any majorU.S. city during the next two years. An added bonus: The region's servicesector has escaped the collateral damage that comes when the bubble burstsand equity-driven spending dries up. Here is the attachment if you want to view the other cities. http://money.cnn.com/galleries/2007/biz2/0709/gallery.boom_towns.biz2/index.html

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